Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Birthday, Boy

Today is my son's birthday. Flash is turning 14, and I can barely believe it. He's growing taller, his shoulders are getting wider, his voice is getting deeper.
He's interested in sports, not superheroes. He has his own opinions, his own interests, his own world. It's getting harder to see the little boy that was and easier to see the man that will be.
Sometimes I miss my baby so much.
But then he puts his head on my shoulder and hugs me. And for just a moment, I have my little boy back again.
Happy Birthday, Flash. And thank you. Because I really love being your mother.


flash said...

thank you so much i love bieng your son thanks for everything

Pearliesofwisdom said...

Hi SuperRaizy. I found your blog via your comment on Seraphic Secret.
It's nice when we mothers acknowledge our children on our blogs, but I think it's extra-special when our children read and comment on that acknowledgement! "Flash" and mazel tov to Mom.

SuperRaizy said...

Thank you so much. Flash is really a remarkable person. I'm blessed to have such a close, trusting relationship with my son. (He's the only person in my life that even knows that I've started a blog!) Sometimes I worry that my daughters might be jealous of our close relationship. I really hope that they know that I love them just as much!

Anonymous said...

Dear Raizy,

Keep up the great work on your kids!!!

As a single mom myself, I know exactly how it is and more power to us!!!

Batya said...

They do grow up so quickly.