Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My home is NOT broken

I was really happy to see this article on MSNBC:
"Divorced parents do a good job after all.
Study overturns belief that married couples do better raising kids"

The article cites a study that shows "no differences between divorced and stably married parents for any parenting behavior either before or after a divorce. Although divorce may be stressful, it doesn't necessarily transform parents into bad or indifferent parents to their children...It does parents a disservice to automatically assume that they will have problems after divorce...That education and to a lesser extent income predict parenting behavior says much more about what makes a difference to parenting behavior."

I've been raising my kids on my own since my divorce years ago, and I challenge anyone to tell me that my kids are less happy, loved, healthy, or well adjusted than other kids. With plenty of love, attention, stability, and discipline, children can thrive in all kinds of families.
And I'd bet that my honor student son, my beautiful, athletic older daughter, and my sweet, funny younger daughter would back me up on this one.

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