Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happiness Does Not Have to Cost Money

Tomorrow the kids return to school (thank you, G-d), after a 10 day "winter break". The weather in New York has been awful, freezing and windy and just generally unpleasant. Most of their classmates spent their break vacationing in Florida or Puerto Rico. That is a financial impossibility here at chez Superraizy, and so alternative (and cheap) plans had to be made to keep the young'uns busy. Flash spent a few days as the guest of his friend's rich aunt at her "winter home" in the Berkshires. Wonderwoman spent a few days as the guest of my very sweet sister, who has the cutest 3 year old twins the world has ever seen. Supermangirl stayed close to home, spending a morning here or an afternoon there with friends and neighbors.
In addition, we went to the library, played lots of Scrabble, did craft projects, and cleaned out the closets (together).
Cost to yours truly for a week's worth of entertainment for the kiddies: $0. I kid you not.
I asked them tonight, "Guys, did you enjoy your vacation?" and they chorused "yes!".
We may be broke, but we're happy.


Jacob Da Jew said...

That's great!

yingerman said...

I've written bout that.
kids: (on Chol Hamoed) paintball please
Me: sure at $50 a head for 3 hours.
Kid :Can I go to Mexico, beyn hazmanim?
Me :Yeah sure, just be back in time for dinner, heres $5, have fun.

Kids have got notions these days.
You know its the parents who allow/encourage this, who are at fault.

SephardiLady said...

Great post.