Friday, January 18, 2008

Omar the Peacemaker

AOL News is reporting that Osama Bin Laden's 26 year old son wants to become an "ambassador for peace" between Muslims and the West. "It's about changing the ideas of the Western mind. A lot of people think Arabs — especially the bin Ladens, especially the sons of Osama — are all terrorists. This is not the truth," Omar Bin Laden told the Associated Press.
So: What does the West's new best friend have to say about his infamous father?
"My father is asking for a truce but I don't think there is any government (that) respects him. At the same time they do not respect him, why everywhere in the world, they want to fight him? There is a contradiction".
Whoa! So, according to this genius, Osama Bin Laden is asking for peace, the governments of the world should respect him, and there is no reason to fight with someone you don't respect (does that mean that we should fight with the people that we do respect?)
I'm so glad that the murderer of the decade has managed to spawn such an intelligent, sensitive son.

Wishing you all a (truly) peaceful Shabbat!

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