Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Alliterative Wishes and Hamantaschen Dreams

Normally, I make a big deal out of Purim. I help the kids come up with creative costumes, make lots of mishloach manot, attend the shul's carnival, and generally try to make the holiday fun and memorable for my kids. But something's different this year.
I'm tired.
Well, I'm a single Mom with 3 kids and a job. I'm always tired. So that's not it.
I'm bored. indifferent. uncaring. apathetic. Maybe I'm just lazy, I don't know. I'm just not feelin' the Purim spirit this year.
So I'm taking the easy way out. My son said that he's too old to wear a costume, and I didn't argue with him. My older daughter borrowed a funny hat and glasses, and my younger daughter is wearing a recycled costume from last year. I'm making a few simple mishloach manot packages. And we're eating the seuda by a friend. No fuss, no muss, no stress.
I feel a little bit guilty. But not terribly.
Since I'm not going to be the poster child for Simchat Purim this year, I feel like it would be somewhat hypocritical on my part to wish you all a happy and amazing holiday. So allow me to take the easy way out again, and wish you all a Perfectly Pleasant Purim!


The Babka Nosher said...

Oh please. I threw my son into his fireman's jacket for the preschool Purim carnival this morning. Great costume, huh! Don't beat yourself up. Eat a hamantaschen and then be happy. It's Adar!

The Babysitter said...

There are some times when I feel like that too. But once purim actually comes then it might be more exciting.

Rafi G said...

that is pretty much what we do with our kids!

Have a great Purim!

Baila said...

We'll take a "Perfectly Pleasant Purim" anytime!

Don't beat yourself up over it. Sometimes the all the hoopla is just to much of an effort.

Like the nosher said, have a hamatashen (bakery bought, of course)!

Leora said...


Hey, you took out the time to write that post...that's pretty Super Duper Purim Spectacular!

Enjoy the holiday for whatever joyous parts come your way.

a fellow jew said...

I hope you are feeling more upbeat by now, SR.

Reading your post reminded me of this concept (specifically the end paragraphs)-

Bas~Melech said...

I also had a laid-back Purim this year, especially since it was Friday so I didn't get a chance to spend the time that I usually do with more spirited folks.

SuperRaizy said...

Thank you all for reminding me that I don't always have to be so hard on myself (it's the whole "superhero complex", you know.) Our Purim turned out to be perfectly pleasant. I hope yours was too!

muse said...

We had a very easy Purim this year. You don't have to get all wild and hyper.
Save your energy. Pesach's coming.

SuperRaizy said...

"Pesach's coming"-
Please, don't remind me. I'm a major Pesach-hater. There will definitely be some ranting posts about Pesach here in the next few weeks.