Thursday, March 6, 2008

Christian Victory

bet you thought that this post was about religion or politics, right? nope, it's about something much more important- reality tv!

Christian, the kid with the weird hair, was named the winner of Project Runway last night. As usual, I disagreed with the judges on this one. I thought that Jillian's clothes were beautiful and feminine and could actually be worn by real live women (well, not by me, but by other real live women). If you'd like, you can see all the final collections here.


Rafi G said...

never heard of this one

The Babysitter said...

I agree with you, I liked Jilian's, especially the long black dress. They do seem to be wearable.

SuperRaizy said...

Project Runway is shown on American cable, I don't think they have it in Israel.
It's a competition for fashion designers. The people on the show are nuts, and it's pretty funny, but it's basically about fashion. It's a chick thing, I suppose.

The long black dress was my favorite, too.

Baila said...

I miss Project Runway.....but we have a version of Top Chef here...

SuperRaizy said...

Top Chef is cool, too.
Last year's winner, an Asian guy named Hung, is the chef this month at a kosher restaurant in Manhattan called Solo.