Monday, March 3, 2008

Lotsa Links

We here at SuperRaizy's house are being buried alive in the kiddies' schoolwork: homework, tests, English essays, science projects, history papers... aaaahhh!!! My brain may very well explode soon, so I am taking the easy way out tonight and just providing you with links to some interesting reading. Go on, read it. Just please, please don't ask me, "Ma, can you help me?"

How Do You Prove You're a Jew? (this is a doozy, definitely worth posting about another time.)
Should You Invite Children To Your Wedding? (I can't imagine a Jewish wedding without children, but apparently this is an issue for some people.)
For the teachers out there: Teaching Boys and Girls Separately and Free Lunch Isn’t Cool, So Some Students Go Hungry
For parents who are willing to think outside the box: When your kid isn't college bound
For those of you who need a laugh: HOW TO TICK PEOPLE OFF from I know Jeremy

Let me know if you enjoyed them.


Baila said...

G-d I hate homework.

What no Science Fair coming up soon?

SuperRaizy said...

Yes, when I said science project, that's what I meant.
Oh, and I forgot to mention the dreaded standardized "state tests" which have my third grader convinced that she will fail and get kicked out of school forever...