Friday, March 7, 2008

The Morning After

By now, everyone is aware of the vicious terrorist attack that took place last night at Yeshivat Mercaz Harav in Jerusalem. This morning, more details are emerging. The names of the dead and the wounded. Their (appallingly young) ages. The fact that the murderer was employed, trusted, and paid a salary by the Yeshiva. The report that the terrorist's family has hung Hamas flags outside their house in East Jerusalem, which the police have as yet not torn down. The joyful celebrations in Gaza. The refusal of the UN Security Council to condemn the attack. The encouragement of the US government to continue "peace talks" with these uncivilized barbarians. And the Israeli government's apparent willingness to do so.

I can only imagine what the news outlets are not reporting. The unspeakable anguish and heartbreak of the grieving families. The physical pain and suffering of the wounded. The psychological pain and trauma of the survivors, the witnesses, and the rescuers. The psychic pain of an entire nation as the stones of Jerusalem soak up yet more Jewish blood.

At this point, all I can add is a prayer.
May Hashem grant us the strength to cope with this sorrow, the ability to unite in the face of adversity, and the wisdom to do what is necessary to stop the carnage.
And may Hashem grant us all a peaceful Shabbat.

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