Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Some Quick Links

Running late this morning, not much time, so here are some quick links to posts that caught my eye-
Baila has information about a 4 day solidarity mision to Sderot departing from NY on April 6.
Vos Is Neias posts a horrifying story about an Orthodox teenager whose parents have sent him to an abusive boot camp in Jamaica. The details are so awful that it leaves me wondering whether this story can be true.
A Mother in Israel has more bad news about child abuse cases, this time in Israel.
It is so sickening to hear that these atrocities are being committed on defenseless children.
On a lighter note, it appears that Obama and Clinton are both related to Brangelina. This inspired me to investigate my own geneaology. Turns out I'm related to Tina Turner, the Queen of England, and that weird blond girl from American Pie who kept talking about band camp. (-;
Have a good day!


Leora said...

Thanks for that important link to the Angelina Jolie - Brad Pitt story. Stories like that make me feel proud to be an American. (not really)

You have a great day, Raizy!

Jaime said...

now isn't it a small world. You may be related to the girl from American Pie, but our daughter is the inspiration for that character (minus the sex). My husband and I always joke around that we keep expecting her to start each sentence with, "and when I was in band camp..."

SuperRaizy said...

Leora- thanks!

Jaime- I think a lot of teenage girls talk that way- in a sort of breathless, hurried, questioning tone. She'll outgrow it, but it's cute while it lasts.

Baila said...

Thanks for the link, SR!

Anonymous said...

That girl was redheaded, not blond.

Erm... I mean... what? Never seen it.

Okay, just once. But it was cencored. On TV. Which I don't have.