Monday, April 28, 2008

Free at Last

The silver foil has been stripped off my countertops, the last of the matzah crumbs have been swept up, and my children are happily munching on a pizza pie. The world finally makes sense again.
My very generous aunt showed up at my house on erev Shabbos and took the girls to Toys R Us to buy them new bicycles. I had promised them that we would go to the park today so that they can ride, but alas, the skies of Brooklyn have opened up and it is raining all day. (I'm outwardly sympathetic, but secretly thrilled- I have lots of work to catch up on and don't really have time for the park today. Ah, the twisted secrets of a mother's heart.)
Anyway, thanks so much to those who have made cookbook suggestions below. I've been looking the books up online and they all look so delicious that it's hard to choose! I think that in addition to buying a few for my niece, I'm going to buy one or two for myself as well, and considering my deep aversion to all things "housewifey", that's really saying something.
Hope you are all feeling as relieved and happy as I am.

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Baila said...

I love that feeling when the silver foil is finally peeled off! The old dishes look new. Glad you enjoyed rainy day (and yes, I know very well how to feign dissappointment that rain cancelled family plans!)