Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Run On Sentence

I think that the reason that Hillary Clinton is refusing to concede defeat is because she wants to be named Vice President because she's convinced that Obama will get assassinated at some point and then she can be President.

update: It is now being reported that Hillary is ready to concede defeat.
I can't help wondering if she's privately blaming her husband for this.


Baila said...

She must be bitterly dissappointed. She probably thought she had it all locked up until this guy came along.

Rafi G said...

I am a Hillary fan, but this was just very petty on her part.

SuperRaizy said...

Oh, definitely. My son wrote a story for his writing class in which Hillary, overcome with rage and disappointment, stabbed Obama to death.

I agree.

ProfK said...

And if Hilary had won are we really so sure that Barak would have graciously acknowledged defeat? The problem was that neither contender was going to be happy with the final outcome. Both stood/stand to make history--we were either going to have the first woman candidate for president or the first black for president. I suppose it must be very hard to give up your chance to be a "first."

Anonymous said...
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... Is the Window to Our Soul said...

Nah, I don't think that's it. Funny, I remember in high school when Geraldine was Mondale's running mate. This girl in the class actually said that she didn't want to vote for Mondale because she thought some "radical' feminist would assasinate him so Geraldine would become president.