Saturday, July 5, 2008

What a Weird World

We just got back from a lovely Shabbat at my sister's house. We got home, took in the mail (Flash's report card came- he got straight A's and made the Dean's List! Such a good boy) and I sent the kids to shower and bed. I then sat down at the computer, connected to the Internet, and found that the following bizarre things had occured:
  • A man in Oregon flew a lawnchair with 150 giant helium balloons more than 200 miles across the desert. This act apparently fulfilled a longtime dream of his. (
  • A 91 year old woman in Wisconsin crawled under her car to look for keys that she thought she dropped and got stuck beneath an axle for two days. She was rescued by firefighters after her mailman noticed that her letters had not been taken in. Turns out that her keys were in the car door the entire time. (
  • The pregnant man gave birth (
  • The city of Sderot is building a playground that includes a cute escape tunnel in the shape of a centipede so that the children can quickly escape from incoming rockets. (For those of you who may not see the absurdity of this project, please allow Soccer Dad to explain it to you.)

What a weird world we wive in.


Rafi G said...

91 year old lady stuck under car for two days? and she is ok after 2 days of no food and water? amazing

Hadassah said...

there is a great british saying "there is nowt so queer as folk"

i wonder what our counterparts of 100 years ago would make of the world now?

ProfK said...

There was a television show in the 50s called "People are Funny." I guess not too much has changed since then. People are still funny and strange.

Robin said...

That lawn chair thing is hysterical. (The old lady under her car not so much, poor woman, I hope she was alright.)

Thanks for your birthday wishes over at my place :).

The Babysitter said...

Congrats on your son getting straight A's and making it to the dean's list!

wow, those are crazy stories.

SuperRaizy said...

Thank you! I just mentioned it in passing, but yes, I was very proud.