Friday, August 8, 2008

Fishy Update

Well, it's two days later and Fishy is still alive and well and swimming at the bottom of the lemonade pitcher. Last night the girls noticed that the water looked scummy, so they decided to give it fresh water. They both put on plastic surgical gloves (we have an old box of them lying around) and placed the pitcher in the bathtub. They used a plastic cup to scoop Fishy out of the pitcher, poured out the old water and poured in some new, and then dumped Fishy back into the pitcher. When they were done, Supermangirl announced that "the mission was successful". Ask me how pleased I am. Go, ahead, ask me, I dare you.

Meanwhile, yesterday's Fishy post garnered some very funny comments (see below). Apparently, nearly everyone has seen a goldfish enter into their life at some point. Eees was blessed with a dozen in one day, Baila's friend suffered for four years before successfully killing hers, ProfK's fish committed suicide in front of her children, and RaggedyMom had one that lived for years.

And so we wait. Should Fishy meet his demise, timely or otherwise, I will be sure to post a death notice.

As an aside, I would like to wish you all an easy Tisha B'Av fast. May we all be zoche to be together in Yerushalayim next year, with our families and our goldfish and all of Klal Yisrael.

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Lion of Zion said...

i'll share a story. i had a turtle before i got married (my wife later said i had to choose her or the turtle when we got engaged). i fed it feeder fish. there was one fish that kept on evading the turtle. this went on for a few weeks. finally my father said that if he stayed alive this along with the turtle after him the whole time, he deserves to live. so my father bought a tank for him and from that started keeping fish.

that fish thrived and ended up ballooning from an inch-long to maybe six or seven inches.