Monday, August 4, 2008

The Ugly Side of Real Estate

I have always harbored a secret love for interior design. (don't laugh, now!) Anyone who knows me would think this is very strange, because I am not one of those ultra-feminine, fashion conscious, appearance-is-everything type of chicks. Very much to the contrary, in fact. And yet, I am enthralled by glossy pictures of beautiful living rooms and shiny kitchens. I'm kind of like a puppy with his nose pressed up against the glass. My house doesn't look like that and it never will. I once tried to buy furniture off the back of a truck. I don't subscribe to interior decorating magazines because they are kind of expensive (I love the Pottery Barn catalog, though. Yes, you snobs, I know that Pottery Barn is not considered high end or chic, but I love the deep colors and the symmetry of their furniture.) So I get my fix wherever I can find it for free- reality shows (cable TV has got tons of real estate and decorating shows. That decorator guy, Tom, from Queer Eye was my favorite), furniture catalogs, and real estate listings.
However, I just stumbled upon a very funny blog that shows the ugly side of real estate. It's called "It's Lovely! I'll Take It!" and features "A Collection of Poorly Chosen Photos From Real Estate Listings". The photos are hysterical and the comments even more so. Check it out if you like this kind of thing.


Baila said...

I was an HGTV addict until I made Aliyah. Sigh. I miss those shows. [Does the term "see ya later decorator" mean anything to you?--then I know you're just as bad as me.]

Loved the link.

ProfK said...

Always amazes me when you see homes for sale and what others consider "amazingly beautiful." When we bought our present house there was a large plastic palm tree "planted" in the living room and the walls were covered with alternating outdoor cedar shakes and mirrored squares. We bought the house despite the decorating scheme, not because of it.

SuperRaizy said...

I don't think I get HGTV. I'm glad you liked the link, though.
Getoutahere! A plastic palm tree in the living room? How awful.