Thursday, December 25, 2008


It's been nearly a week since I've visited blogland. I've simply B2B2B (been too busy to blog). Somehow, each day this week has slipped past in a blur of work, cooking, dirty dishes, candlelighting, and sick kids. Wonderwoman came down with chicken pox (despite having been immunized as a baby), causing us to miss the family Chanukah party. Then Flash caught a vicious case of the flu, causing him to lay on my couch for days, nauseous and feverish, blowing his nose and watching way too much TV. Because today is December 25, I have the day off from work and could find a few minutes to sit down at the computer and reconnect. I see that Leora has posted the new edition of the Kosher Cooking Carnival, Baila has joined in the "what are you reading?" discussion, and Elie over at Lizrael Update has fallen in love with her unborn child.
I hope you are all enjoying Chanukah!


Mrs. S. said...

Refuah shlaimah to both kids.

Enjoy your day off!

ProfK said...

Youch Raizy. Hope the kids are feeling better now and that you all get to have a frailachen Chanukah. Refuah Shelaimoh to all.

Lakewood Falling Down said...

Glad the kids are doing better. I can never figure out if I'm glad of the timing of my kids getting sick when I have a day off, or if I have to use a sick day for them. Mrs. LFD's family has a "minhag" of eating chinese food out after Bedikas Chametz. She was really sick one year and dragged herself with the kids (I had to finish cleaning up the house so i couldn't go). Lesson learned: Never go to a Chinese restaurant with a stomach flu when you have to eat matzah & 4 cups of anything the next day. It's just not worth it!

SuperRaizy said...

Mrs. S. and ProfK-
Wonderwoman is all better and Flash is starting to recover. Thank you for the good wishes!
Just the thought of Chinese food and matza 2 days in a row is making me feel a bit sick!
(It's funny how many of our "minhagim" seem to revolve around non-Jewish food like Chinese, pizza, sushi...)

Leora said...

I hope you don't get sick, too. Take a few deep breaths. Thanks for visiting my parsha post this morning.

Happy Chanukah!

Lakewood Falling Down said...

(It's funny how many of our "minhagim" seem to revolve around non-Jewish food like Chinese, pizza, sushi...)
I think I may make a post out of this!

Eees said...

Glad the kidlets are feeling better!
Hope you and yours are having a wonderful Chanukah.

SubWife said...

Hope everyone feels better soon. Enjoy the rest of Chanukah!

Baila said...

Glad things are on the mend! Thanks for the link and enjoy what's left of Chanukah.