Monday, December 8, 2008

Thank God For Best Friends

The place: downstairs, my house
The time: earlier this evening
The scene: The girls are doing their homework and pestering me for help ("Ma, did I get this math problem right?" "Mommy, how do you say this in Hebrew?"). Flash walks in from a long day of school and declares himself to be starving. ("Ma, I need foooood!!!") All of a sudden my mind is flashing back to those old Calgon commercials. I look at my children and think I have to get away from these people.
So I run. I head for the hills (or, more accurately, I go upstairs, shut the door, and sit on my bed in the dark, thinking maybe they won't find me here.)
Realizing that my behavior is bordering on the insane (yet again), I pick up the phone and dial my best friend, V. I've known V since the first grade, and we've been best friends since high school. She married a guy from "out of town" and moved away after her wedding, 17 years ago. I miss her like crazy.
The phone rings and V picks up, hollering "Raizy! It's about time you called me! How you doin'?!?" (you can take the girl out of Brooklyn, but apparently you can't take Brooklyn out of the girl.) I begin to whisper urgently, "Listen, V, I'm upstairs, in the dark. I'm hiding from the kids. I had enough. I just can't take them anymore." She starts cracking up. "No, Raizy, you need to lock yourself in the bathroom. That's the only place that they can't get you."
I start laughing, and feel the tension start to drain. We talk and laugh for about five more minutes, and then I hang up the phone and head downstairs. I feel much better.
I hear my younger daughter ask her sister, "Why was Mommy laughing so loud?" And she answered "She was probably talking to V. She's the only one who can make Mommy laugh like that."
The lesson: thank God for best friends.


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End of term syndrom?

Phyllis Sommer said...

great story.

Baila said...

I miss my BFF like crazy. What was I thinking moving so far away from her? We've been friends since we are two years old. We stopped counting how many years that is after we both turned 30.