Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Friends In Strange Places

I called a local car service to take me to an appointment earlier today. The driver, a clean cut man in his thirties, was listening to a radio show that was vigorously defending the IDF's military operation in Gaza. Turns out that this was a Christian radio station. The driver, who kept a New Testament on his dashboard, was also a staunch supporter of Israel. He had called the United Nations, he said, to complain about their anti-Israel stance, and prayed every day for God to strengthen the IDF and ultimately, grant peace in "the Holy Land".
Of course, by the end of the ride, he had invited me to attend services at his Messianic congregation in the hope that I would "come to realize that Jesus is the Lord." But still. It's nice to know that Israel has friends in some unexpected places.


Child Ish Behavior said...

They support Israel because of their lord and savior so don't get all excited about their wonderful views. The preaching about their lord goes hand in hand with their support.

ProfK said...

Childish, it matters not a whit if it was "enlightened self interest" that has this group supporting Israel. The end result is that they DO support Israel. Perhaps we could get this driver assigned to the head of the UN or to the hundreds of other heads of states who have not yet "gotten religion" and don't see the connection between a safe, secure Israel and their own interests.

ProfK said...
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SuperRaizy said...

child ish-
I understand your point. but I agree with Prof K. Israel needs all the friends that it can get.

RivkA with a capital A said...

There are also vehemently pro-Israel Christians who are not missionaries.

That said, I am bothered by the driver's invitation to you. For every three Israelis who turn him down, there is one who will attend. I don't know the actual statistics, but my point stands true.

Missionaries are a threat to our spiritual existance, no less than terrorists are a threat to our physical existance.

In some ways, they are even more sinister, because they are "invisible," or worse, so very friendly.

Lakewood Falling Down said...

There are many Christians who are big Israel supporters. I feel better knowing that we are not universally hated. At least, the land of Israel isn't, even if Jews are still prizes to be won (ever heard of "Pearl Diving"?). The overwhelming problem in the media now seems to be "humanitarian" concerns when it comes to Arabs, and the ignoring of said concerns when the death involves a Jew.

princessyuttele said...

Funny! Something like that happened to my sister once... the taxi driver invited her to church!

Baila said...

I think they support Israel because they believe the Jews have to come to to the Holy Land first and the "real redemption" will occur. In between there is Armegeddon.


I think it's better to have them supporting us like this, then how they used to treat us in the old days. Remember the inquisition?

Lion of Zion said...

a few years back i drove down with some friends to a mass rally in DC.

on the subway into town two ladies asked if we knew how to get to the rally. we said were also going and they should follow us. we started talking, and sure enough they were evangelicals. at one point i got a little upset and one of the ladies explained she came because she felt bad that christians didn't do anything during the holocaust and here she was here to make amends.


"There are also vehemently pro-Israel Christians who are not missionaries."

define "vehemently pro-Israel"

Lion of Zion said...
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Lion of Zion said...


i have nothing against missionaries.

that we sometimes lose jews to them speaks more of our own shortcomings than their convictions or aggressiveness.