Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Skirt Alert

As my tweenage girls grow, the search for inexpensive modest skirts continues. Last summer I let you know about these Old Navy denim and twill skirts (below the knee, go with everything, great for every-day). Now Target is offering these ankle-length "maxi skirts" in gray and black for $24.99 (in junior sizes- for your teenager, or for you, if you're skinny.) My daughters don't want this skirt- it's too long for them- but I thought someone out there might.


ProfK said...

Check out They have 3 pages of name brand skirts many of which easily cover the knees and many of which are on sale beginning at $19.99.

SuperRaizy said...

Yes, JCPenney is also a good source. I bought my 12 year old the knee-length suit skirt with the little ruffle on the bottom. Thanks!

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said... such thing as too long.

RivkA with a capital A said...

I miss shopping in America!!

(and I hate shopping!!)

Lakewood Falling Down said...

Thanks-Although my daughter is to young, my neighbors loved the tip! Stay tuned for Mrs. LFD's "finding the right wedding gown" woes. Hopefully posting soon!

SuperRaizy said...

When I lived in Israel, I also missed American shopping. I once broke down because I needed new socks and I didn't know where to find them. My husband asked me why I was crying, and I blurted out "I miss K-Mart!"

Is Mrs. LFD getting married again? Why is she looking for a wedding gown?

muse said...

Can't you hem the skirts?

Once I finally learned where to shop in Israel, I find it lots of fun. For years I bought nothing here, but now I love the stores.

Anonymous said...

as a frum woman with long legs i find it a challenge finding long skirts. thanks for the tip. will check out Target when i am next south of here.