Friday, September 25, 2009

Reflections On Friends Who Lived To Tell

My friend Bonnie Samotin Zev has written a beautiful article for the Jewish Journal entitled Reflections on Friends Who Lived to Tell. Bonnie worked at the Shoah Foundation in Los Angeles for nearly ten years, and met hundreds of Holocaust survivors who allowed the organization to tape their testimonies for future generations. She tells us about a few of those treasured friends, and pays tribute to a special woman named Silvia Grohs-Martin, a former actress, singer, and dancer who had joined the Dutch Resistance, survived the concentration camps, and wrote a memoir about her experiences.
Please take a moment to read the article. If you'd like, you can leave comments for Bonnie here and I will forward them to her.


Jack said...

I read that yesterday and found it to be pretty interesting.

A Living Nadneyda said...

Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed her article. Bonnie succeeded in bringing forth, from a mass of a collective of victims, the humanness and individuality of the people she mentioned.

I remember Congressman Lantos from San Mateo as being a special guy (my mom grew up in the area, and my grandparents helped get him elected).

Gmar hatima Tova.