Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering Shimmy Biegeleisen a"h

For a very moving tribute to Mr. Shimmy Biegeleisen a"h, who was taken from his family on Sept. 11, 2001, please click here.
Yehi zichro baruch... may his memory be blessed.


Anonymous said...

Just correcting, the name is Biegeleisen. We had an acquaintance with that name, which is an unusual one. Yes, we later found out that his brother was Shimmy.

SuperRaizy said...

Thank you. I will make the correction after Shabbat.

ProfK said...

The name itself is not all that unusual--it's the Yiddish word (and probably the German word) for an iron--the kind you get the wrinkles out of things with. A tale somewhere back in the family history as to how they got that name.

torontopearl said...

Thank you for posting this I sit here with tears running down my cheeks.
The story of Shimmy, z"l, was told so vividly, so powerfully.
May his memory be for a blessing.

SuperRaizy said...

the story made me cry, too.

Shimshonit said...

Thanks for your post. Some people follow the name of someone who has been murdered with hy"d (Hashem yikom damo/am), may God avenge his/their blood. My husband was at the shiva of Daniel Lewin, who was on American Flight 11 that hit one of the towers. At the shiva, when someone referred to Daniel as having died, his father said, "He didn't die. He was murdered." Judaism recognizes this distinction.