Thursday, October 22, 2009

Exciting and Important Activities? Yeah, Right.

Because I haven't really posted at all this month, you would think that I've been oh-so-busy with all kinds of exciting and important activities. Well, you would be wrong. I'm a 41 year old cash-deprived mother with a low energy level and no car. I don't think I can even properly define the word "exciting" anymore.

So what's been keeping me so busy that I couldn't even find time to blog? Damned if I know. The days just seemed to run away from me a bit. I've been doing some reading (real books! real ones! like with pages and stuff!), cleaning out closets (always a guaranteed good time), and trying to cook healthier meals for my two older children (my little one continues to eat only carbs and cheese, no matter what I try to prepare for her). I also spent some time with two friends, one whom I haven't seen in a few months, and one whom I haven't seen at all since college who called me and wanted to reconnect.

Meanwhile, my house has become Teenage Central. My overly generous sister bought my kids Rock Band for X-Box, and my walls are ringing with screechy, off-key versions of "Eye of the Tiger" and some song about wearing your pajamas all day. Facebook, instant messaging, and ringing cellphones are our constant companions. Acne has made itself at home here, despite the use of four different topical skin treatments. And Supermangirl (not yet 11 years old) announced suddenly last week "Hey Mommy, guess what? I have hair growing out of my armpits!" (what a proud day that was!)

Also, Wonderwoman is turning 13 in a few days (I coulda sworn that she's been 13 for years already). Because she's in 8th grade, I'm back in "looking for a high school" mode. Unfortunately, her grades are rather problematic (diplomatic parent-speak for "lousy") and I can't be completely sure that she's going to get accepted into her first choice. So we have chosen 4 different schools to apply to, none of which are in Brooklyn. For the next 4 consecutive Sunday mornings we will be attending those schools' Open Houses for prospective students. Whoo-hoo!

I hope that you guys have been busy with the kinds of exciting and important activities that seem to elude me. I'll be coming 'round your blogs to check up on you. Don't disappoint me now!


BrooklynWolf said...

Heh. Your life sounds alot like our life.

BTW, since our daughters are probably going to be looking at the same schools for open houses -- and they're not in Brooklyn and you don't have a car -- you're more than welcome to hitch a ride with us for the ones we're going to.

The Wolf

Frayda said...

What books have you been reading? Are they any good?

SuperRaizy said...

Thank you. I'll call Eees about it.

oh, yes. I'll post a book review soon.

Baila said...

Looking forward to that book review.

Your life sounds awfully alot like mine as well. Only yours has just a tad more testerone that mine does. (Never mind Isaac, he's totally drowned out by females).

And you probably were disappointed when you went around to my blog--October's not been a great blog month for me either.

Leora said...

It is good to hear from you! Good luck with school shopping. I don't have to do girl schools for a while. But perhaps you are looking at least one in New Jersey? Lots of girls from here go to one in particular.

SuperRaizy said...

Poor Isaac. Reminds me of my Dad- we used to send him out to the pharmacy to buy boxes and boxes of sanitary napkins for his wife and four teenage daughters. He never complained, though. He took it like a man.
I was thinking of checking out Bruriah, but I worry that the commute from Brooklyn to NJ might be too much. Which school were you referring to?

Mrs. S. said...

Shavua tov and welcome back!

We're also in checking-out-high-schools mode, but it's hard to think about next year when this one has barely started...

RivkA with a capital A said...

Good luck. We're checking out girl's Jr. High schools this year.

You might think that since we already have a girl in high school, this would be easy. You would be wrong.

The Jr. High for arts that my first daughter attended has a new principal, so the school is not the same. One of the other Jr. Highs, that might have been appropriate, no longer exists. The one that replaced it is a good school, but not necessarily a good fit for us. And there is a new school that is only one year old, but might be good.

ProfK said...

Take a deep breath Raizy--this too shall pass, at some point. Bruriah is a great school but yes, the commute, if the bus is traveling during rush hour, is something to keep in mind. The SI Expressway in the morning can be hell. They're doing construction to try and fix some of the problems, but that construction, for now, is only adding to the problems.

tesyaa said...

My daughter has a friend at Bruriah from Brooklyn, but she boards in Teaneck. That being said, we are big fans of Bruriah 7 we also have an 8th grader who hopes to join her sister there next year.

tesyaa said...

OMG, I just realized I'm going to the Open House too; does that mean I get to meet you and Wolf there? That would be crazy.

Batya said...

Lucky I checked today!
Good luck!!

Commenter Abbi said...

Good to know I'm not alone in serving my little ones the carb/cheese diet.

Sounds like a lot of rocking and rolling in your house!

ilanadavita said...

Good luck with school-hunting! Hope you manage to find some time to tell us about the books you've been reading.

Lion of Zion said...

"none of which are in Brooklyn"

if you have 2 daughters facing h.s., do you have the option of moving out of brooklyn?
my son's school wasn't my first choice, but i think (hope) i can live with it. but if we have a daughter, it will really push me to push for leaving brooklyn.

good luck

"my little one continues to eat only carbs and cheese"

costco sells bricks of kosher cheese. i don't eat it, but my wife says its fine a good buy.

regarding, grades, acne and armpits, do your kids read this blog?

SuperRaizy said...

The kids know about the blog, but don't actually read it. And trust me, I don't post the really embarrassing stuff.
As for moving out of Brooklyn, I would LOVE to. But I have my eye on the 5 Towns, and no realistic way to actually make that happen.