Monday, November 17, 2008

Feelin' Groovy

I had such a nice weekend.
For all of last week, I was feeling overtired, strung out, highly stressed, and extra cranky. I screamed at my son, growled at my daughters, and had no patience for my students. I felt restless and fidgety, and couldn't focus on anything for long. In short, I was a real mess.
And so Friday night, right after dinner, I ignored the dirty dishes in the sink and I went to sleep. And I slept. And slept and slept and slept. Until 4:30 the next afternoon. I woke up intermittently to visit the bathroom, drink some water, take a shower, and serve my kids Shabbos lunch. Otherwise, I slept. And when I finally woke up, that buzzing sound in my head had gone away, and I felt so much better.
Yesterday, I spent the morning with my son. We did a bit of shopping and visited the eye doctor. In the afternoon, while Supermangirl was at a birthday party, I took Wonderwoman out to lunch, just the two of us. We went to the pizza shop, nothing fancy, but it was nice to spend time alone with her. I could see that she really enjoyed it. Afterward, I spent 3 hours (!) helping her study for upcoming tests, but because I was rested and relaxed, it was pleasant instead of draining.
It's amazing what 20 solid hours of sleep can do for you.


Mrs. S. said...

20 solid hours of sleep?
Wow! I am truly in awe...

Anonymous said...

May I ask what your kids did while you were sleeping? If that's not too nosy?

Baila said...


Who cares what they did? They survived, didn't they? :D


That is exactly what I need.

SuperRaizy said...

mrs. s-
well, like I said, I did wake up from time to time (no way could my bladder last for 20 straight hours).
(It's cute how polite you are. It's easy to see that you're European!) My kids did what they usually do- went to shul, played cards, read books, went to hang out at the neighbor's house, etc. My sleeping marathons don't faze them.
Yes, you should take a day off, lock the door, and go to sleep. It's necessary every once in a while.

Jacob Da Jew said...

My in-laws took our older daughter this past shabbat so we were just with da boy. We definitely relaxed and I slept way more..not 20 hours... I wish!

Anonymous said...

I love it. A little (lot) of sleep does a body good. You are very fortunate to have such amazing children. My children do not know how to entertain themselves that long!

Asher said...

they always say that שבת is a retronym for שינה בשבת תענוג

I never even slept that much even when I got a shabbat off from the army (I reached 17 hours once (and a bit on the bus as well...)

Unknown said...

Kind of reminds me of the romantic weekend getaway a few months ago. Plans were made, hotel reserved etcetera, etcetera. We both slept for 13 hours straight. And when I say slept, I mean slept!

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

wow, that's a long sleep, but it's true, sleep energizes you!

That's why we have shabbos!

Batya said...

If you were serving etc, there weren't 20 solid hours of sleep, but you sure did the right thing. When you need the sleep, grab it.