Monday, March 23, 2009

The Final Seven

Thanks to all those who weighed in on the crucial question:
If the Seven Dwarfs were Jewish, then their names would be...
After much thought and consideration (after all, this is an important decision), I have settled upon the following list:

Shloofy (Sleepy)
Kvetchy (Grumpy)
Simcha (Happy)
Gezundheit (Sneezy)
Shlemiel (Dopey)
Baishan (Bashful)
Specialist (Doc, because, you know, it's not good enough for a Jewish boy to become a plain old doctor, he needs to be a specialist)

(Emah S. suggested Shlumpy, which is a terrific name, but doesn't correspond to any specific dwarf.)
I'm so relieved to have resolved this issue. Now I can get back to my life.


G6 said...

Thanks for the update :D
I didn't comment b4 because I didn't have anything great to add but believe it or not, it's been on my mind too.....
Very cute idea.

Mrs. S. said...

But now that you've resolved this critical issue, what are we going to waste time thinking about instead of cleaning for Pesach?!

Anonymous said...

Nice list Raizy!

Something Different said...

Shlumpy and two other can finish up the minyan. Looks like you aren't done with this! :-p

Baila said...

LOL. Now get to work.

RivkA with a capital A said...

Wait! I know I put in my vote for Shlemiel for Dopey, but Shlumpy is SOOOOO much better!!! 'Cause, well, Dopey is shlumpy!

Lets be honest, someone who is shlumpy, is kind of dopey....

SuperRaizy said...

G6 and Ilana-Davita-
Glad you enjoyed it.

Mrs. S and Baila-
This was not an excuse to avoid Pesach cleaning. I'm proud to say that I feel perfectly comfortable avoiding Pesach cleaning with no excuse at all.

Well, now you're just confusing me! ( ;

Batya said...

Great, except that my late mother in law, would give doc a different name, "my son." She dreamt that her son would be a doctor, but she didn't get her wish.

open the gates said...

But... you never named Snow White ("Sheina Weiss"?). Or the Evil Stepmother ("der Shvigger"?)


Uh...gotta go...

SuperRaizy said...

open the gates-
You're right, I probably should have.
I never really liked Snow White. She always seemed kind of dumb to me. But Sheina Weiss would be the perfect name for her.