Friday, March 5, 2010

Don't Try This At Home, Ladies

Sometimes, you just really want to kill your husband. Believe me, I know the feeling. But this woman went a little too far:

A Long Island mother of four has been arrested after offering to pay a hitman $20,000 to kill her husband. On February 19, Susan Williams approached a confidential source and informed him that she wanted to have her husband, Peter Williams, murdered and that she wanted the source to arrange it, according to Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice.
Instead of finding a hitman, the source contacted the DA’s Office.
On February 23, while under audio surveillance, the source called Williams to tell her that he could arrange a meeting with a hitman. The meeting took place five days later with an undercover Nassau County detective posing as the hitman.
During the meeting, Williams said that she and her husband were in the middle of divorce proceedings and that she wanted him dead.
Williams was told by the undercover detective that it would cost her $20,000 to have her husband killed. At a March 3 meeting between the two where she was given numerous opportunities to back out, Williams handed the undercover detective a photo of her husband, his home and work address, license plate number, and a provided a $500 down payment.


Jeezarooni. This woman has 4 kids, and now she's facing a possible sentence of up to 25 years in prison. As horrible as she thought her husband and her marriage were, her future is looking a lot more horrible. Did she honestly think she would get away with this? This strikes me as being some pretty bad decision making on her part.
When I was waiting for my get, a certain ultra-frumie cousin of mine generously offered me $100,000 cash to "get rid of the problem". Super-naive me asked "What do you mean?" He answered "Use the cash to buy him off or to knock him off. Your choice." While I was tempted, I declined my cousin's lovely offer and stayed on the right side of the law. I'm glad I did. I wouldn't want to be sharing a prison cell for 25 years with Susan Williams.


Anonymous said...

If I recall - a similar story did happen in the NY Jewish community a few short years ago. Tragic.

Jacob Da Jew said...

You should have taken the cash and held on to it.

SuperRaizy said...

I remember that story too.
Na, I couldn't. He was offering the money for a specific purpose only.

Rachel Ann said...

Oy...I feel bad for the children. There mom is most likely going to go to prison now. They are really going to be the ones to suffer.

Mystery Woman said...

Buy him off? Why would that be against the law?

SuperRaizy said...

Rachel Ann-
It's always the children who suffer because of their parent's stupidity.
Mystery Woman-
Well, I guess it wouldn't be. Some would argue though that exchanging cash for a get would make the get invalid.

Lion of Zion said...

"Some would argue though that exchanging cash for a get would make the get invalid."

yeah, because that never happens.

i don't know. one thing i admire about williamsburg is how they handle the agunah problem

SuperRaizy said...

I totally get your point but... I REALLY REALLY didn't want to be married to my husband anymore, so` I REALLY REALLY wanted to have a valid get.