Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hosting HH This Week

Just got back from a lovely (but rainy) Yom Tov by my sister's house in Long Island. It was nice to spend time with her and, like always, our kids thoroughly enjoyed being together. Supermangirl did a great job of keeping up with us at the seder (a first for her) and she got to engage in a 2 day Monopoly marathon with her cousin, who informed me that there is a version of Monopoly which features solid gold playing pieces, diamond encrusted dice and real cash and which costs "$27 billion dollars". I don't know what he's talking about but he's pretty cute, so whatever.

Anyway, I'll be hosting Haveil Havalim this Sunday, so be sure to send your posts in ASAP. You can submit posts here. If you'd like to host a future edition of HH, please let Jack know.

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Anonymous said...

I'd love to send you a post if only I had one to send! However you might be interested in knowing that this week and last my most visited post was one i posted 2 years ago: my Pesach chocolate cake.
Here is the link: