Sunday, December 16, 2007

A gift for the Tante

My aunt's 70th birthday is coming up, and I honestly don't know what to get for her.
I tried finding something for her online, but there was no gift category for "beautiful, funny, kind-hearted aunt who curses like a truck driver." I tried searching for "a gift for an aunt who always sticks up for you and makes you feel like you're smart and special, and yells at the rest of the family to "just leave the poor child alone already!" No results.
So then I typed in "a gift for an aunt that NEVER forgets anyone's birthday, and always gets you a really cool present. " Again, no results.
What do I do now?


flatbush gal said...
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flatbush gal said...

Put a picture of you two in a frame- works every time.