Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Declaration of Independence

I love this idea!!
If that guy can declare his home independent on his web site, well then...


I hereby declare the House of Superraizy to be a sovereign and independent kingdom, free of any obligation to pay taxes or follow anyone else's rules. I appoint myself Queen (who better?) and proclaim that residency shall be restricted to those who don't make too much noise and can do their own laundry.

Excellent! I shoulda thought of this years ago.


frumhouse said...

All hail, Queen Raizy!

Baila said...

Can I be your Secretary of State? Or I'd rather be Secretary of something else, where I get paid alot of money, but don't have to much to do...

Rafi G said...

we can all be our own kings and queens!

ProfK said...

Can I be your Ambassador to New York? That way I wouldn't have to pay for any parking tickets just like all the other UN people and ambassadors.

SuperRaizy said...

You may rise now.
You can be my Secretary of Leisure. The House of Superraizy values the importance of lounging around.
rafi g-
I think that makes perfect sense. After all, why be subservient to someone else if you don't have to?
Don't worry about parking tickets. I'll lend you the Royal Coach.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Watch out for a revolution.

Garnel Ironheart said...

This will all work out fine until your government, not having read this blog, sends you a tax bill. Now, that'll pose an existential problem for Raizyland. If you pay the tax, you acknowledge this government's authority over you, hence your independence is nullified. If you refuse because you are now a sovereign power, your government will decide to deal with your insurrection forcefully to prevent other similar attempts to ruin its territorial integrity. I doubt they'll attempt a military invasion. Possible a well meaning social worker and an earnest cop or two. Resist them and you once again lose your independence and have to spend the night in a small cell with a woman named Louise who finds you "cute".

However, I have a simple solution to your problem. I advise you to declare war on the United State. Naturally you'll lose and the U.S. will then do what it does for every country it defeat in battle - invest tons of money in rebuilding your land and giving you everything you ask for. Yes, the US may screw over its friends but it's very generous to its enemies.

SuperRaizy said...

"This will all work out fine until your government, not having read this blog, sends you a tax bill"-
What?!? Are you telling me that there are people out there who DON'T read my blog???