Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hangin' With The Big Boys

Luckily, I don't have to work tomorrow, so I will be watching the Nefesh B'Nefesh Jewish Bloggers Convention via webcam. I think that it will be fun to "meet" the faces behind some of the blogs that I read regularly. When I read a novel, I usually have an image in my head of what each character looks like, and the same holds true for some blogs. In my mind, Jameel is very tall and broad shouldered with red hair, Treppenwitz is kind of short and always wears an olive green baseball cap, and Gila has a head full of curly black hair and wears dangling silver earrings. I have no idea what these mental pictures are based on, and tomorrow I will get to see just how wrong they are.
So tomorrow, I'll be hangin' out with the Big Boys and Girls of Blogland (virtually, anyway), and I'm totally looking forward to it.


Baila said...

That's funny. I know what Trep looks like, and well, I've never seen in him an olive baseball cap.

I'm curious to see what YOU look like! Petite, bubbly/smiley face, and curly, dark hair.

SuperRaizy said...

That's the exact opposite of what I look like!

Movin' On Up said...

ha! very cute. at least Gila has curly hair!
i love the premise of this blog and i can really relate.
learned lots in the conference tonight, especially the chat! you can see my blog at Movin' On Up

M said...

Jameel- no. Trep- no.
Gila- yes!

Basially reverse Trep and Jameel and you have something more like it. :)

Ezzie said...

Haha! I guess now you know what they look like more :P

SuperRaizy said...

So it turns out that Gila does have curly hair but it's not black, Treppenwitz doesn't wear an olive green baseball cap (at least not in public) and Jameel, I hear from other blogs, has a baby face, which I wouldn't know because HE DIDN'T APPEAR ON CAMERA (oh, Jameel, how could you break my heart that way?)

M said...

SuperRaizy, this is how I described Jameel to my father:

He's a very cute looking guy- average height with a slim build, with slick straight hair that falls over his eyes and glasses, and a very cute, chenony look.

Satisfactory? :)

Erachet said...

LOL. I totally see what you mean about the olive green baseball cap! I had never seen Treppenwitz until yesterday either, but something about his blog definitely makes me think of a guy in an olive green baseball cap. Huh.

And Jameel is a cartoon! :P

Out of curiousity, what do you think I look like?

I just imagine you in a SuperRaizy cape :)

orieyenta said...

I love it when you meet bloggers after having chatted with them so long and you find that you had a totally different picture of them.

Since Trepp has pictures of his whole family on his blog - meeting him and the whole family when we were in Israel brought no surprises to me. I had dinner with Gila then and she looked nothing like I expected!

SuperRaizy said...

thanks for the description. What does chenony mean?
What do I think you look like? Young, early 20's, slim, frum, shoulder length brown hair, pretty.
You had dinner with Gila? She struck me as being very intelligent and interesting.

M said...

SuperRaizy? Chenony? That means being possessed of the charming quiality of CHEN!!!!! Cute, cute, cute. Think of the Chip and Dale look. That pretty much describes it.

PS- someone should foward this conversation to Jameel so he gets to bask in the glory. :)

Gila said...

To all those commenting on my hair--it actually is brown-black; I just "help" it to be lighter. :)

So your instincts on me are good. I do have dangly silver earrings, but did not wear them!

I know what Erachet looks like because her husband friended me on Facebook and he has a family photo on his profile! Shall I tell all?

SuperRaizy said...

Thanks so much for stopping by!
I didn't realize that Erachet was married. And hell yeah, if you know what she looks like, then spill the beans. (Later on we can capture her and hold her hostage until she tells us what Erachet means, because she's refusing to tell).

Ezzie said...

Erachet is NOT married! Trust me...! :P

Erachet said...

AHHHH. I'm totally NOT married!!!

Mindy said...

Erachet, Ezzie: LOL.

Erachet said...

And I'm also not telling what Erachet means. :P