Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snow And Ice Ice Baby

It is a cold and snowy morning here in lovely Brooklyn, New York, and two of my children are on winter break, while the third still has one more day of school left. She woke up this morning, saw the snow outside and her brother and sister still snoozing away in their beds, and began to beg. "Please can I stay home today? It's the last day before vacation and we're not going to learn anything anyway!" (How comforting to know that they're not going to learn anything.) At first I hung tough and said no. But as she grumpily brushed her teeth, I relented. It is freezing and slushy outside, and I totally understood her desire to stay home. Hell, I didn't feel like going out either. So I said, "OK, but only if you go back to sleep." She scurried back to bed and I haven't heard from her since. This was about an hour and a half ago. I'm sure she'll be up soon, and she and her brother and sister will spend a merry day cooped up in the house together, fighting over the remote control and generally driving each other crazy.
For those of you who are having a similarly cold morning, here's an icy blast from the past:


Jacob Da Jew said...

Haha! Ice ice least it was soft when I woke up so i just brushed it off the car with da gloves.

Baila said...

I don't think black people ever took him seriously.

Jewwishes said...

Brrrrrrrr, it's cold here, about 10 degrees F.

Stay warm.

SuperRaizy said...

I don't think ANYONE ever took him seriously.
What city are you in?

Anonymous said...

We had snow until Monday but now it's all gone. Probably until next year!

Lakewood Falling Down said...

My kids wanted to play in the snow,but it was mostly melted by the time they came home. What's with all the vacations? My kid's yeshivas are off again soon to. Didn't we just have Chanukah? Will we be getting bailout money for daycare for the days we have to take off? Oh well, maybe it will snow again.