Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Living Large in Jerusalem

If you're going to make aliyah, you might as well do it in style:

This home was built in Baka by a family from Atlanta who spent close to $2 million on construction and furnishings. It's an interesting mix of American sensibilities (6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 fireplaces and an elevator) and Middle Eastern style.
You can see the full profile in yesterday's NY Times.


Maya said...

Wow... craziness! I want that house! Now if only I had $2 million dollars...

nah, I would have better uses for 2 million, come to think about it.

Maya said...

btw, after reading the article, what really gets me is this: he's a TOUR GUIDE!! A tour guide! I could be a tour guide! Of course, I suppose I need to make it big in high-tech first.

Leora said...

At first I thought you were going into the real estate business. I bet you promote a beautiful home better than others. Side career?

I like the idea of American sensibilities. I'd pay my plumber/electrician/ac guy (he does all 3) to make Aliyah, too, and live next door.

SuperRaizy said...

Yeah, the tour guide thing seemed strange to me too. I suppose that even though he has a lot of money, he decided to stay active by doing something he enjoys.
Sorry if it sounded like a sales pitch. I was just really tired and didn't have a lot of energy to write a full post.

Baila said...

I'm glad he's making Aliya. Wish he was a friend of mine.

RivkA with a capital A said...

I did not recognize the house from your post, nor from the picture in the times.

But it turns out that I have been in that house! Their youngest son is in school with my youngest daughter.

I have a deep respect for successful Americans who choose to live in Israel (and invest their money in property here).

I did not know about the father's success in high tech, nor about his choice to become a tour guide, but I certainly understand the latter decision. The course is a fantastic way to learn about Israel!

I dreamed of taking that course, but was afraid I could not do it in Hebrew. By the time it was offered in English, it was not feasable for so many reasons.

By the time my kids were grown enough for me to consider enrolling, I was diagnosed with cancer.

Now it is just one of those things I can dream about.... It is as unattainable as owning a home like that in Baka.

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous. I want a house like that!


nurit said...

gorgeous house.