Monday, May 25, 2009

God Is The Best Shadchan Of All

Bad for Shidduchim has some terrific stories about how some people have "accidentally" found their one-and onlies:
Where To Find A Date: Case Studies

I once heard the following story:
An 18 year old American girl was spending the year in Israel. An older Israeli woman whom she had befriended kept mentioning that there was an Israeli man she knew who was just wonderful and would make a terrific match for the girl. The girl felt that she was nowhere near ready to get married, so she kept refusing the woman's offer to set them up. One day, feeling bored, the girl took a walk on the beach and met three handsome Israeli men. She really liked one of them, and they began dating. The relationship quickly grew serious, and they began to talk about getting engaged. The girl brought her boyfriend to meet her older friend. The moment that they walked in the door, the woman cried out "This is the boy that I wanted to set you up with!"
The couple has been happily married now for 25 years.


Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

that's about you, right? Very touching!

fear from love. said...

proof of G-d if i've ever seen one!

SuperRaizy said...

Dude with Hat-
No, it's not about me. I've been divorced for years. But I know the couple, and the story is true.

fear from love-

Jack said...

Pretty cool.

Mrs. LFD said...

i love these stories!!!

rickismom said...

Here's one:
My step daughter was at one point not-so-religious, and she took a college course in Hotel-ing.
As she returned to yiddishkeit, she went to work for a frum hotel. There one friday a fellow from london, also in the hotel business, checked in, having missed his flight, and needing to wait till after shabbas for his next relacement flight. Her boss made the shidduch on the spot.

kisarita said...

you do realize that some people could have easily been kicked out of their yeshivas and seminaries for that....