Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So, How Are The Kids?

They're doing well, thank you.
Flash is really enjoying himself upstate. He works as a junior counselor until 4:00 every day, and then his time is his own. He eats dinner together with all the other counselors, and then they watch a movie, go swimming, play basketball, or just hang out and talk. He seems to like the other kids that he's met there, and he definitely seems to be enjoying his independence.
Wonderwoman is back from her month at sleep away camp. She absolutely loved it. The night she came home, she actually cried for two hours because "I miss my friends and I want to go back to camp!" I had to rock her to sleep to get her to stop crying! The next day she declared herself "completely depressed" and kept sighing heavily and throwing herself onto the couch. She's since cheered up and is now happily "working" as a CIT in a day camp here.
Supermangirl is enjoying day camp and is definitely enjoying the slower pace of summer life.
This is turning out to be a good summer for us and I am so glad. Hopefully we'll be able to start the new school year relaxed and ready to go.
So how is your summer going?


Baila said...

I'm glad you and your guys are having a good summer.

When my kids come home from camp they also are "depressed" and do the sighing thing. This a phenomena called being "campsick". As you saw, it usually passes quickly but can be very annoying while it lasts.

My summer is going nicely, thanks for asking. :-)

Lion of Zion said...

it's summertime?

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Glad your summer is going well and that your children are enjoying camp.

Rachel said...

At my house, "campsick" lasts until around chanuka, when the kids decide that the following summer is now close enough to stop being campsick, and start counting the days 'till they leave again.

SuperRaizy said...

"campsick" is a good word for it.
Isn't it summertime at your house too?
Thanks. Hope you're having a good summer too.
So does the campsick phenomena mean that our kids don't like to be home?

Anonymous said...

I am glad they're all doing well.