Tuesday, August 4, 2009

7 Things I Love

It seems that the dragon-loving MAK of Frum In South Florida has tagged me to do a "7 things meme".
I'm not real big on memes, but this one doesn't look too hard, so I'll give it a shot.
Here goes:

7 Things I Love:

1) I love my children. (That's a no-brainer.)
2) I love my children despite the fact that raising them has cost me my youth, my energy, countless amounts of money, annd most of my sanity.
3) I love that I can write horrible things like #2 above on my blog and there is no one standing in front of me glaring at me disapprovingly (I can't hear what you're thinking right now, which is probably for the best.)
4) I love to read. I love quiet rooms. I love to read in a quiet room. (Now ask me how often that actually happens. Go ahead, ask me. I dare you.)
5) I love the first day of spring and the first day of autumn but pretty much hate all the other days of the year, weather-wise.
6) I love kicking off my shoes and stretching my toes when I get home. (My father used to joke that he would buy tight shoes on purpose because taking them off at night would feel so good.)
7) I love reality TV. I love how utterly and completely insane all the people on those shows are. They get drunk, they spit at each other, they ramble on and on incoherently. What could be better? It's pure entertainment.

Thus concludes what is probably the most hostile entry ever in meme history.


Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

There's a great feeling to taking off shoes when you get home. It's psychologically relaxing. It means your safe at home and can relax and don't have to go out again.

BrooklynWolf said...

How often do you get to read in a quiet room? :)

The Wolf

BrooklynWolf said...

Oh, and I'm another member of the "take off shoes at home" crowd.

The Wolf

SuperRaizy said...

Hey, Wolf, ya sure you wanna start up me wit' me? You watch your back, man, or dis Brooklyn girl iz gonna take you down!
(You see- I've learned so much from watching reality shows!)

Lion of Zion said...

i agree with everything except for no. 7. i never got into reality shows

Staying Afloat said...

I agree. I so agree. I don't do shoes at home, and spring and autumn are awesome when they come- no bugs, not too many allergens...

And I'm not thinking anything mean for #2- I'm glad someone said (wrote) it out loud.

Anonymous said...

why isn't god on your list?

SuperRaizy said...

Because it's not a serious list. It's just for fun.