Friday, August 28, 2009

Should We Pay Kids For Being Good Students?

YD over at Adventures In Chinuch has posted an interesting question:
Should teachers give out money to students who do well in class?
In his latest post, he asks:
"One of the hardest undertakings for a high school teacher is to create a viable system of rewards for students... The best motivator out there has got to be money. So why not bring in a stack of bills or a roll or quarters, or just keep a list of how much money each kid earns and pay them off at the end of the month? A quarter for a right answer, a buck for behaving for a few periods. Why not?"
We've been discussing the idea in his comments section, but I'd like to know what the teachers and parents out there think. Please click on over to YD's post and add your thoughts to the comments there.


YD said...

thanks for the link

ilanadavita said...

I have added my 2 cents.