Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hebrew/English Talking Dolls

Look at these adorable dolls that I found:

David and Sarah are part of the "Language Littles" doll collection. I just bought the David Doll as a gift for my niece's new baby boy. When you squeeze the doll's hand, he says one of 25 pre-recorded phrases in Hebrew and English in the cutest little voice you've ever heard. (We couldn't stop ourselves. We kept squeezing his hand to hear him say "Hello/Shalom" and "I like to play with games/Ani ohev l'sachek b'mischakim".) Each doll is soft and cuddly and about 16" tall. They're great for teaching American kids how to speak Hebrew, and for teaching Israeli kids how to speak English.
They're a bit expensive, though. A number of online retailers sell them. The cheapest price that I could find was $32.50 at Tickatoo (use coupon code sale10 to get 10% off the price). I bought mine there, but I see that now they are out of stock. Instead, try Oytoys or Dolls Like Me, both of whom have it in stock for $36.95.


Anonymous said...

Very cute and good and fun way to learn a few phrases.

Modern Girl said...

I never saw David before, but I was aware of Sarah a while ago. I think she goes with some other female dolls that speak a variety of langauges.

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

very cute, I wanted to hear the voice of the doll, but doesn't look like they have that option on the website or any videos of it on youtube.

It reminds me of this toy electronic globe, where you press on a place on the globe and it has many options of what it can do, like count to 10 in that language, or play their song, or state some facts, or other stuff. I remember learning a lot from it.