Thursday, September 17, 2009

How Amazing Is This?

Take a look at what was discovered at an archaeological dig in Israel recently:

This is a gemstone carving of Alexander the Great that was found at Tel Dor, on the Mediterranean coast. It dates back 2,300 years to the reign of Alexander. The colors and attention to detail make this a beautiful piece of art. Most amazing of all is that the gem measures less than half an inch long and a quarter inch wide! It was probably worn on a ring by a wealthy resident of the area. It is very rare to find such a tiny piece in such beautiful condition. The gemstone was found by an American student volunteering at the dig, and according to the chief archaeologist, it is priceless.
It seems that we have barely begun to uncover all the beauty that can be found in the Land of Israel.


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Anonymous said...

This is incredible. Thanks for sharing.