Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Letter A Day Keeps the Jewish Taliban Away

A group of bloggers are trying to fight back against extremists in the NY Jewish community who have been threatening violence against anyone who disagrees with them. The bloggers have banded together to form a letter writing campaign that expresses their disgust that a prominent Hasidic psychologist was pressured to resign from a committee that was formed to protect yeshiva children from sexual molestation. To learn more, see Wolf's or Ezzie's posts.


Batya said...

Didn't anyone ever teach them halachot bein adam v'chareiro?

Anonymous said...

ProfK also blogged about this.

SuperRaizy said...

I know, we're all trying to spread the word.
In my opinion, we here in NY have a real problem with people who think that the image of the frum community is more important than the reality of it. There are too many people here who want to silence anyone who speaks up about our problems.

Anonymous said...

This is a lost cause.

Sorry, but it is.

First of all, l'hatchilah, anyone who has a blog must use the internet so they're possul already.

Secondly, if they disagree with these thugs who define right as anything they say it is, then they're wrong and don't have to be listened to.

Thirdly, if any public pressure really does build, they'll just swipe some "gedolim" signature stamps and issue a kol koreh in support of themselves.

Is anyone really going to risk being ostracized over this? When they knock on your door, are you really going to call the police and have them arrested?

The only solution is to leave communities like this and go elsewhere to build normal, sane ones.

SuperRaizy said...

please see my response above.