Thursday, August 20, 2009

Flash Is Back!

Flash came home tonight and OMG he's so tall and thin and tanned and handsome! He looks really terrific. He had a great time working upstate and made a bunch of new friends and didn't really want to come home at all but is too much of a gentleman to actually say that to my face. I was just so happy to see him.
I know we have to let go of our kids sometimes, but honestly, it feels so good when they come back.


Staying Afloat said...

:) So great. Enjoy the nachas.

Mrs. S. said...

Enjoy Shabbat with your son! He must have so much to tell you.
!חודש טוב ושבת שלום

Baila said...

Guess you'll need to be shopping for some new pants, huh? :-)

Anonymous said...

I am happy for you that Flash is back and for him that he has had a great time.